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Bowie Knives

We are preparing to launch BowieKnives.com later this year. If there’s anything you’d like to see or if you have suggestions for us just post a comments or drop us a line.

5 thoughts on “Bowie Knives

  1. im really glad to see a bowie knife website cant wait for it to launch good luck and im definitely gonna buy from yall!!!

  2. Gentlemen,I’m interested in the purchase and prices of your best products. Information leading to persons who can make knife handles. I’m from Knoxville,TN.and recently made purchases of (2)two knife blades from a company called “The Kinfe Works.” However they,the blades came sans handles. I currently live in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I’ve been to numerous Gun Shows,here on the island but have not found anyone who could make the handles. My knife blades are 16″inches from tip to end of handle and 10 1/8 fromtip to bottom of the tang. I’d appreciate it if you could direct me in the direction of this project.

    Louie McDade
    411 Kaiolu St,#706
    Honolulu,Hi 96815


  3. About how long does your blades last if you were sknniing average size deer? I like the looks of your havalon knives, and especially the orange ones.

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