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Everything You Need to Know About Microtech 

Imagine you’re walking down a dark street at night. You’re heading back to your car from a party and you’re in a bad part of town. You hear footsteps behind you and look back to see a man in a hoodie following you. All the signs are there—he’s probably up to no good. You want to be ready, just in case.

So, you reach for your Microtech.


Microtech’s Story – Where are Microtech Knives Made?

To answer that question, let’s go back to the beginning and learn a thing or two about Microtech. Microtech’s first prototypes were created by Anthony (Tony) Marfione and his wife Susan Marfione in 1993 in Vero Beach, Florida. The next year, the first official Microtech products were being manufactured. In 2005, thanks to Hurricane Katrina, the company moved its facility to Bradford, Pennsylvania, then expanded into what is now its primary facility near Asheville, North Carolina, in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. North Carolina is where Microtech knives are manufactured today. The company experienced unprecedented growth that was fueled by passion and validated by countless awards from knife shows, driving the demand for its products. Microtech’s story is the story of the American dream—a dream that continues to persist in the waking world.

Are Microtech Knives Good? – Real American Quality

Just because a product is popular doesn’t mean it’s good—but a Microtech knife is the embodiment of the idiom “put your money where your mouth is.”

So, the short answer is, yes, Microtech knives are good.

The slightly less short answer is, yes, or why would John Wick be using them? (Check out the second film and you might recognize a few Microtech OTF automatic knives like the UTX-70 or the retired Cypher.)

The longer answer is also yes, but with this explanation: Microtech knives are machined with near-perfect tolerances, and the company’s quality control ensures only the knives that are flawless find their way into the hands of customers. It uses premium materials for its blades and handles and offer time- and user-tested designs that are ergonomic, attractive, and tough. Collaborations with the likes of Bastinelli Creations, Borka Blades, and Rike Knife ensure a constant stream of striking, relevant products.

Microtech/Borka Blades SBK, Microtech/Borka Blades Stitch-A, Microtech/Rike Knife Anax

What Kind of Steel Does Microtech Use?

Microtech uses Bohler M390 and its own exclusive steel, Bohler M390MK, which is very similar to standard M390 but boasts slightly better edge retention. You’ll find M390 stamped on most of Microtech knives, with M390MK appearing solely on its Ram-Lok models: the MSI and the Stitch Ram-Lok (more on those below).

Microtech’s Most Popular Knives – Models to Recognize

Microtech Double-Action OTF Automatic Knives


Ultratech Hellhound Razor, Ultratech Warhound, Ultratech Hellhound

The Microtech Ultratech, since its debut in 1999, has become Microtech’s most popular model—and for good reason! It’s an accessible pocket knife with a secure pocket clip, Microtech’s superb, hard-hitting double-action, and countless handle color, blade finish, and blade shape options. It’s so beloved that Microtech offers smaller versions in the UTX-85 (85% the size of the Ultratech) and UTX-70 (70% the size of the Ultratech). Check them out side by side below to get a sense of the size differences between the three models.

Blade HQ Exclusive MagnaCut + Flux Yellow Ultratech, UTX-85, and UTX-70


Microtech Glykon D/E OTF Automatic Knife Black Aluminum + Ti (3.75″ Stonewash)

The Microtech Glykon is one of Microtech’s more recent OTF models, featuring a titanium pocket clip, backstrap, and overlays, and a unique tri-sided X-Button thumb slide. Those familiar with the motion of closing a knife with a crossbar lock will be pleased to find the same action closes the Glykon’s blade. If that’s not your style, operate the blade using the main switch or either of the two side switches.

Combat Troodon

Microtech Combat Troodon

No Microtech OTF list would be complete without the Microtech Combat Troodon. This massive feat of cutlery ingenuity made the whole knife industry turn its head at its drop, and still does today. It’s a larger version of the popular Troodon model with powerful opening and closing and nearly four inches of razor-sharp blade. You can find the Combat Troodon in almost as many variations as the Ultratech.

Microtech Automatic Knives


Microtech Exclusive Dessert Warrior LUDT Automatic Knife (3.4″ Blue)

When Microtech started in 1994, its first knife was the UDT (Underwater Demolition Team). Now Microtech offers the LUDT (Large Underwater Demolition Team). It gets its name by having powerful out-the-side push-button automatic action that fires the blade even when underwater, allowing diving teams to use it effectively. It’s been nearly 30 years since the introduction of of this beloved model, and it’s still relevant today. Here at Blade HQ, we offer a donut-addition Dessert Warrior LUDT!

Socom Elite

Microtech Socom Alpha, Socom Elite Manual, Socom Bravo

One of the most recognizable Microtech automatic knives is the Socom Elite. This folder has a massive four-inch blade with a thick spine that’s coupled with a lightweight aluminum handle with M3 grip inserts. It comes in two variations: push-button automatic and thumb stud manual. Microtech also collaborated with Rike Knife to produce a manual version with a titanium and carbon fiber handle called the Socom Bravo, and made a fixed blade version in-house called the Socom Alpha.

Microtech Fixed Blade Knives


The most recognizable of Microtech’s fixed blade knives is likely the Microtech Arbiter. This hulking beast of a cutting machine is the embodiment of mean in all the ways you want a serious tactical knife to be. It has a full tang (you’d expect nothing less), a finger choil for blade control, and a sharpened spine near the tip.


Many of Microtech’s fixed blades are collaborations with popular knife designers and craftsman. Take the Iconic and SBD for example: The Iconic is the result of Microtech and Bastinelli Creations teaming up to craft an effective karambit, and the SBD is a wide, eye-catching double-edged dagger knife designed by Sebastijan Berenji of Borka Blades and realized by Microtech’s superb manufacturing team.

Microtech Manual Folding Knives

MSI/Stitch Ram-Lok

Microtech Stitch Ram-Lok, MSI

In 2023, Microtech introduced its Ram-Lok blade locking system, which functions similarly to a crossbar lock. The knives featuring it are the MSI (Microtech Standard Issue) and the Stitch Ram-Lok (the Stitch is also available in an automatic configuration, called the Stitch-A). These two models were the first to feature Microtech’s exclusive Bohler M390MK steel. Microtech pushed the envelope with a version of the MSI that features injection-molded handle scales, offering a truly premium knife at an incredibly fair and accessible price.

What is Microtech’s Warranty?

Microtech extends a limited lifetime warranty on all its knives. When you buy a Microtech, you buy a knife made to exceed your expectations in quality and performance. Its knives are made to be used and shouldn’t fail: the warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, ensuring that the knife functions for the span of its lifetime. Wear and tear, accidents, loss, and theft are not covered by its warranty.

Why Do You Reach for Your Microtech?

That brings us back to the top, and the question of “why?” Why do you reach for your Microtech knife?

Because Microtech is a company dedicated to making the very best cutlery from the very best materials. Because it maintains its reputation of crafting knives users can bet their lives on. Because when you reach for your Microtech, you reach for the manifest momentum of decades of high-quality products and universal praise condensed in your pocket.

In short, because Microtech knives aren’t just good, they’re excellent.