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Blade HQ Gets Into the Restaurant Biz? Warrior Buffet is Now Open!

If there’s one thing we love besides knives, it’s food. It’s a special day when we get to combine the two.

And now, we’re making every day a special day at the Warrior Buffet!

Stop by the strip mall today and fill up on all your favorites! Tacos with extra crunchy shells, spring loaded salad, slices of pepperoni pizza, snappy hot dogs with golden brown buns, and more! And if you want something sweet, grab an ice cream cone or one of our legendary donuts!

The Warrior Buffet is perfect for any occasion! Date night? They say the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (the sternum is too thick)! Is it your birthday? Our wait staff will put a spring in your step to help you celebrate! We even do corporate events! Celebrate your latest hostile takeover at Warrior Buffet, with enough to satisfy even the whole, recently expanded (or downsized, as the case may be) crew!

We’re located four miles off of I-20. Take Exit 69, go under the overpass, past Big Jennie’s Value Dental and Mortuary Services, and you’re there!

The buffet automatically opens at 11:00 AM, Monday thru Saturday, and 10:00 AM on Sundays for a special brunch created by our inspired chefs!