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Best Fixed Blade on a Budget

If were to guess, I’d say that for most people, the first outdoor knife they own is going to be a folding knife of some kind. But let’s be honest—a folding knife is great, and every person should have one, but a folding knife can’t do everything a fixed blade knife can. Generally speaking, fixed blades can take more abuse than folders and they are also great choices for other fun things—like chopping golf balls in half.

If you’re on a budget and need a fixed blade, here’s a great option for you:

Hallmark Bad Blood Raiju SL Fixed Blade Knife


The Raiju is an excellent budget fixed blade knife for several reasons. First, with this knife, you get a good blade steel for the price. The blade is 8Cr14 stainless steel, and the price is just $49.99. Also, the blade is chisel ground, which makes easy work of cutting. If you don’t already know, a chisel grind means that the blade is only ground on one side. The knife also has a full tang blade. A full tang is always a good trait in a knife because it adds strength to the entire knife, and it ensures that the handle isn’t going to snap off.  The handle is also very comfortable on these knives. Comfort may seem trivial at first when looking at which knife to get, but after using any knife for an extended period of time, comfort becomes very important.

All in all, this is a fantastic knife for the price. You can find this knife and more at Blade HQ.

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