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Best CRKT Knives


CRKT is one of the coolest knife companies in the world because of their deep connection to knifemakers. All CRKT designs are either designed by well-known custom knifemakers, or just straight-up production versions of famous custom knives. Behind every CRKT knife is a story, a passionate knifemaker, and decades of experience contributing to a great cutting tool. Best of all, many CRKT knives are very affordable compared to many other knives, so it’s a great place to explore the knife world, and one of the first knives in your collection ought to be a CRKT! 

Here are some of the best, but this is but a drop in the bucket of the awesome knives CRKT makes! 

Best All-Around CRKT Knife: Pilar 


Named after Ernest Hemingway’s boat, the Pilar is a great knife for all kinds of tasks. It was designed with old sailing knives in mind, so it doesn’t come to a sharp point. But never fear, Jesper Voxnaes designed this knife to be infinitely useful. If you carry it every day, the sheepsfoot blade on the Pilar will make quick work of whatever boxes or packaging you encounter. Outdoors, the Pilar can withstand some hard abuse thanks to its overbuilt steel frame lock. It’s a useful, pocketable, and versatile knife! 

Best CRKT for EDC: Squid 


Lucas Burnley has the gift of designing knives that are physically small but seem to get bigger in the hand. The Squid shows this off. It’s a tiny knife, but somehow, I can get a four-finger grip on it without any trouble. The blade is just right too, with its simple spear point design that offers superior tip strength and just a little bit of belly for handling all kinds of EDC tasks. It’s a great choice! 

Best Tactical CRKT: M16 


Just like the rifle that shares its name, the CRKT M16 is a versatile and capable tool worthy of the modern battlefield. This robust folder was designed by the late Kit Carson, Cutlery Hall of Fame member and U.S. Army veteran. He also invented the flipper tab that changed the knife industry forever, but that’s a story for another day. The M16 comes in multiple sizes, several lock types, and more variations in color, edge type, and blade style than you can shake a stick at. Whatever your mission is, there’s an M16 pocketknife that will make it easier! 

Best CRKT Fixed Blade: Minimalist 


Even though most Minimalist models will run you less than $30, it is the gold standard by which all neck knives are measured. I believe Alan Folts named it the Minimalist because it has absolute smallest amount of material it takes to make a good knife. Its handle may look a little shrimpy in the picture, but when you put it in your hand, it all makes sense. It may be tiny and minimal, but the Minimalist is no slouch. You can do some real work with it! 

Most Stylish CRKT: CEO 


If you wear slacks or a suit to work every day, choosing a knife can be a bit of a challenge. It can’t be big and wide, can’t be heavy, and can’t look too woodsy or tactical. This knife must match the refined look you’ve spent so much time curating. That’s where the CEO comes in. Its simple design is just right for special occasions. In the pocket, it takes up the same space as a pen, but it comes in handy to cut the foil on champagne or other small cutting tasks. Remember: Dressing up is no excuse for not carrying a knife! 

Best USA-Made CRKT: Michaca 


Most CRKT knives are made overseas, but not all. We’ve seen several awesome USA-made CRKT knives in the last few years, but the Michaca has been my favorite so far. This automatic knife opens with a hidden release, so not just anyone can open it. But when it’s open, the Michaca is a cutting powerhouse. Its MagnaCut blade is bedded in a steel frame, making this knife tough enough to handle some real work. One of my favorite features is the G-10 handle. Most automatic knives have a full-metal handle, which is very strong, but sometimes I like the warm texture of G-10. It’s nice to see it on a premium automatic! 

Best CRKT Folder: Redemption 


This is another USA-made knife, which is good, because by some definitions, the Redemption is a gravity knife. Ken Onion decided that instead of a thumb stud or flipper, the Redemption would fully enclose the blade inside the handle. To open it, you disengage the lock and allow the blade to swing open. Not only is this extremely cool, but it’s also safe, one-hand operable, and made with top-shelf materials. CRKT outdid themselves with this one! 

Why Buy a CRKT? 

CRKT knives offer a unique value. When you buy a CRKT, you’re getting the result of a master’s decades of experience for the price of a single tank of gas. If you want, you can spend hundreds if not thousands on a quality knife. But CRKT proves you don’t have to. So, if you want a great knife to carry every day and you don’t want to break the bank, consider CRKT

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  1. Dear Sirs ,I was wondering if you could please tell me the name of the CRKT knife on the cover of the blog 3/1/24 . I would love to add one like that to my collection. Also does Blade HQ sell that knife ? Thank you, Mark Magnani

  2. I have purchased a number of knives from CRKT and have never been disappointed in any part of my purchase. Ordering, shipping and the product. The folks are all knowledgeable and very helpful. And the knives I’ve purchased have all been top quality.

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