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Top 10 Best EDC Knives as Gifts

A word you don’t hear a lot (and if you type it in your search bar and even slightly mis-spell it, Google won’t help you) is the term aichmomaniac, and we here at Blade HQ are exactly that.

I’m guessing you are, too, or someone you care for is and you’re looking for gift ideas.

Well, you’ve come to the right place, because aichomaniac is a person who loves knives. Obsessed, even. (A lesser- used, sub definition is someone who longs to be stabbed.) (We’re not that.) (And if you were looking for arachnomaniac… I’m not a big fan of spiders and you’ve definitely come to the wrong place, at least as far as I’m concerned.)

However, I’ve been thinking on why people like knives. I personally think much of it is tied up in knowing that it doesn’t really matter who was America’s Next Top Model or what celebrity gossip shocker is top news at the moment but gets down to the bare bone essentials of life. You know, what really matters in the end. Maybe yours are like mine–family, core beliefs, friends, being kind, a purpose, and having the tools to care of yourself and the people in your life. 

So, maybe we don’t have to wrestle a panther to the ground to save the village in our time and place, but I think the impulse is still there. A facet of carrying knives is the practice of carrying a pocket knife every day, also called EDC (everyday carry). The knife you can’t leave at home is considered your EDC, and if there’s someone in your life who always has a knife (and flashlight and pocket tool) on them, they might be EDC fanatics. But this is far from a pointless practice; the purpose of an EDC is to always be ready for anything. EDC uses include opening clamshell packaging, slicing seatbelts in a wreck, cutting hair or clothing out of machinery, and so much more. Like the scout’s motto, “Be prepared.”

Also, knives are just cool. They’re useful art. Some are so wickedly cool they should be in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a placard under it:

Very Cool Knife.

That being said, let’s take a look at our EDC gift guide for your knife guy or gal—or for you. Because occasionally, you have to get yourself something nice, especially if you’ve been particularly good this year. (It’s a sad fact that Santa’s not always on top of things.

1.) Benchmade Bugout AXIS Lock Knife

There’s a reason this folder is the best-selling knife in history. Maybe it’s time to find you out what all the fuss is about.

Are Benchmade Bugouts EDC gifts for him? EDC gifts for her? Yes. Benchmade has a Bugout for everyone. With the ambidextrous opener, it doesn’t matter if they’re left-or right-handed. Tough and lightweight, and with the patented AXIS lock, we love these useful pocket knives. Benchmade also has excellent customer service.

2.) Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Compression Lock Knife

Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Folding Knife

Another hugely popular, where-have-you-been-all-my-life, must-have EDC. A tough knife that gets the job done.

Spyderco uses premium materials, a killer compression lock, and the ever-popular four-way pocket clip to give us a mid-size pocket knife that’s ultra-reliable and hardworking. You can’t go wrong with the Paramilitary 2!

3.) Pro-Tech Les George SBR Automatic Knife

Pro-Tech Les George SBR Automatic Knife

The Pro-Tech SBR is a smaller, lighter, and more pocketable version of the popular Rockeye, hence the name SBR, or Short Bladed Rockeye.

With a big belly for superior usefulness, beefy handle, slick design, and snappy automatic knife action, designer Les George has given us one of those powerful top EDC knives we can’t help noticing. Am I drooling? It feels like I might be drooling.

4.) Microtech Exocet Dagger OTF Auto Knife

Okay, the Exocet is just a joy to use. The clip is wide enough that you can also employ this piece as an especially cool money clip. The blade is gorgeously made. The machining has a science fictiony appeal, and don’t forget this out-the-front, dual edge dagger is California legal. The Exocet dagger from Microtech is just fun, and with the premium steel, double-action thumb slide, and light aluminum handle, this blade makes our “Best EDC gift ideas” list with ease.

5.) GiantMouse Vox/Anso ACE Grand Liner Lock Knife

GiantMouse Grand in green and natural micarta

This knife feels great in your hand, it opens with a snappy snick, and the clip point blade is a beauty. The Grand is a definite keeper. I’ve been head over heels with GiantMouse from the first, and the design collaboration of knifemakers Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Anso on the Grand is a particular triumph. It’s solid, sturdy, and simple–simply perfect. It’s one of my personal favorites in the Holiday gift guide. A lovely Italian knife.

6.) Hogue Knives Deka MagnaCut Wharncliffe Knife

Knife aficionados rave about the Hogue Deka, and this beautifully made Wharncliffe blade is constructed in CPM MagnaCut steel–the steel that has an excellent reputation for edge retention, toughness, and stain resistance. 

Designed by Allen Elishewitz, the knife is flawless. This version has light, textured polymer scales in a crosshatch pattern. The Deka sports ambidextrous thumb studs and a reversible pocket clip. The popularity of this model is well deserved, and the price for the premium quality is astounding.

7.) Boker Plus Kwaiken Air Mini Liner Lock Knife

Boker knives have roots all the way back to 1600s Germany. No knife collection is complete without a Boker. This Lucas Burnley-designed Boker Kwaiken is ideal for a suit coat knife or as a useful blade to tuck into a purse. Classy and razor sharp, the blade is formed of solid VG10 steel, and the handle is made of beautiful Cocobolo wood. A thoughtful, handsome EDC Christmas gift that’s under $100.

8.) Pena Knives X-Series Front Flipper Dogleg Jack Knife

Enrique Pena is known for his exceptional folding knives. In Pena knives like this Dogleg Jack Knife, Pena takes traditional designs and alters them with premium materials and improving details like his signature front flipper opener. It’s a production knife that feels like a custom that was made just for you. With bearings for buttery smooth openings, Bohler M390 steel, titanium, and tough G-10–the recipient will get a knife that is as good as it gets.

9.) Ferrum Forge Knife Works Stinger Liner Lock Knife

Open Ferrum Forge Stinger with a black blade and a jade G-10 handle

This version of the Stinger is a Blade HQ exclusive. Revolutionary Nitro-V steel is formed into a sharp drop point blade that’s beautiful and tough. The contour is perfect for comfortable handling–that full forward choil slips snug right into your grip. Strong and lightweight, this knife is an absolute pleasure. Designed by the Williamson brothers in San Diego, the Stinger is a fidgety folder that’s a knife collector’s dream.

10.) Victorinox + Blade HQ Dessert Warrior Classic SD Swiss Army Knife

Okay, this Victorinox Classic SD is just fun. Not only do you have the usefulness of a Swiss Army knife on hand, but you also have the donut look of the Dessert Warrior pink frosting, sprinkles, and a toasty bottom. We’ve been putting out dessert knives for a while now, and they’re always popular. A delicious gift for her, or anyone who loves a good donut. And if you’re looking for a good gift under $50, or an EDC stocking stuffer, this is ideal. Tools included: a pen knife, nail file, scissors, keyring, tweezers, and a toothpick.


There’s your brief glimpse into our EDC gift guide of 2022, but here are a few honorable mentions of non-knife gifts that appeal to even the most difficult.

Microtech Kyroh Mini Bolt-Action Pen – Bead Blast Titanium + Tritium Insert: This is a fidgety bolt-action pen with a glass breaker that can also be used in self-defense. Plus, the tritium insert glows in the dark so you can find a writing utensil even on night missions!

Olight i5R EOS Rechargeable Flashlight Plum Aluminum (350 Lumens): This small rechargeable flashlight can run up to 37 hours on a charge. Yes, 37!

Leatherman Rev Multi Tool (14-in-1): This has all the tools you need to have, contained in only four inches and under six ounces in weight. Plus, like all Leatherman tools, this one has a 25-year warranty!

Whether you’re a member of our knife-loving community, or shopping for one of us, we hope this list of cool EDC gifts has been helpful. If you’re looking to get cool gifts without setting you back on budgeting, take a look at some of our favorite EDC knives under $50 in this video!