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Fred Perrin Bowies


We haven’t featured Fred Perrin knives on the blog before, but they are pretty awesome so I figured it was about time to write up a post on them. Perrin makes some pretty sweet Bowie blades, and I really like them because his knives typically have a full tang. A full tang is a huge benefit for a knife because it means the knife is very strong and can take a lot of abuse and can handle heavier chores. The knife pictured above is the Le Grand Bowie Neck Knife, and it has a full flat grind and a very generous finger grove that allows for excellent gripping and control. Fred Perrin Bowies offer great quality, and they are very unique and beautiful blades. If you’re looking for something a little different than your typical Bowie with a wood handle, I’d give Fred Perrin a try.

Here’s another one of his Bowies that is a bit smaller.


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