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Best Automatic Knives

Automatic knives are pretty popular over here at Blade HQ! I asked around and found out what some of our favorite automatic knives are. Take a look and tell us: what’s your favorite automatic knife?

Here are our Blade HQ favorites:

Protech TR-4

This TR-4 is a limited edition BLADE Show 2014 automatic knife. It has really great action and features a Bruce Shaw–designed skull that’s been set into the handle. With this knife you get really great action, quality, and design.

Protech TR-2
Like everything that comes from Protech, the TR-2 (Tactical Response) is an excellent automatic knife with the amazing fit and finish you’d expect to see from Protech. It has great firing power and this one is a limited edition run.

Boker Kalashnikov

The Boker Kalashnikov is one of those knives you’ve just got to have. It gives you a huge bang for your buck, and you’d have a hard time finding a better automatic knife for the price. It’s got good quality and fast, powerful action.

Benchmade AFO

The AFO has solid action, and you can never go wrong with a Benchmade! Benchmade’s will give you top-notch quality, not to mention a great warranty.


If you want to know why the SOG-TAC is awesome, all you have to do is look at it. Its aluminum frame makes it look super sleek, and the red color sure doesn’t hurt, either. One cool feature the SOG-TAC has to offer is its safety that double locks the blade in the open/closed position. Also, you probably wouldn’t guess it from a first glace, but the crosshair in the middle of the handle glows in the dark for easy location. Pretty sweet, right?

Protech Godson Steampunk

These are brand new at Blade HQ and they are beautiful, to say the least. If you like Protech automatic knives and you want something a little different to add to your collection, this is definitely the way to go.

Those are our favorite automatic knives at Blade HQ; what are yours?