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CIVIVI Elementum: A Must-Have Knife for Your Collection 

History of CIVIVI

With how fast this company has grown, many people may not be familiar with the brand that is CIVIVI. When it comes to the knife community, whether you’re a lifelong member or new to the game, the question will always be; can I trust this company to make quality knives? Bringing some sense of solace and comfort to your mind, the WE Knife Co is one of the top names in the knife community and has been providing OEM manufacturing services since 2000. Within the mid-2010s, the dynamic of functional and utilitarian everyday carrying knives became a hot topic. To answer this question, the rise in EDC’s, and to accommodate the need for an affordably priced product, WE Knife Co. created the brand CIVIVI. In addition, I have wondered, just as you may have, what does CIVIVI mean or where did it originate from:

The origins of our brand come from the Chinese characters “CI” (happiness) and “VI” (joy).

From the beginning, our mission has always been to deliver innovative, quality, value-based products that both look & feel good and perform well.

In the spirit of our name, we do everything possible to ensure your CIVIVI knife will always bring you happiness and is a joy to use. (CIVIVI)

CIVIVI core values of “innovative design and quality manufacturing emulate that they look good, feel good, work well, and get the job done without breaking the bank. A CIVIVI knife is simply Made Better.” (CIVIVI)

What is the CIVIVI Elementum?

To put it simply, the CIVIVI Elementum is a minimalistic knife made with premium materials that offer a classy appearance at an affordable price for the perfect everyday carry pocket knife.

What makes the CIVIVI Elementum so popular is how many variations you can get and, of course, the price. The cost of an Elementum will range from $40-$175 depending on the blade and materials that suit you personally. Still, for an average Elementum, you can expect to pay $50 for an excellent knife.

Although these knives come in so many variations, you can always expect two different knives to be quite similar:

  • Overall Length: Roughly 7” – 8.5” (depending on style) 
  • Finish: Satin or Stonewashed 
  • Handle Materials: Titanium, Micarta, G-10, Carbon Fiber etc. 
  • Weight: Roughly 2.75 oz. – 4.70 oz. (depending on blade, handle, style) 
  • Blade Length: 2. 938” – 4” (making it California legal depending on style) 
  • Blade Width: 0.875” inch 
  • Blade Thickness: .12 Inches 
  • Blade Materials: D2, CPM S35VN, CPM 20CV, Damascus etc. 
  • Blade Grind: Hollow 

While all the Elementums are vaguely similar, what defines each knife from the next are simple personal preferences.


Elementum. The word invokes a sense of the inevitability of nature—the consistent tides, tearing winds, or devouring fire; a certain balance exists in nature. The CIVIVI Elementum is fantastic in its own right and succeeds in establishing a natural balance. Its elements come condensed, landing between too big and too small, high quality and affordability, plain and extravagant. The resulting knife is modest, ergonomic, and functional. Treat your pocket to one of the knife world’s finest! 

Elementum Flipper: The CIVIVI Elementum Flipper is as classic as it gets. It is often revered as one of the best everyday carry pocket knives. D2 steel is the most common steel for the Elementum flipper, offering relatively high wear resistance, good hardness, and toughness. Still, it is also provided in CPM S35VN, Damascus, and Sandvik 14C28N steels. The CPM 20CV steel Elementums are produced by WE Knife Co. The most common handle on the flipper is G-10 which is woven fiberglass soaked in an epoxy resin and then compressed and baked for a solid moisture-resistant grip. This Elementum is most compared to the Benchmade Bugout. While similar in terms of materials, finish, and usage, the CIVIVI Elementum Flipper is 1/3 of the cost, making it a highly affordable blade with high-quality materials like other brands. 

Elementum Button Lock: The CIVIVI Elementum Button Lock is the next evolution of the Elementum. The main difference between the button lock and the flipper is simply that the button lock provides smoothness when locking the blade in place instead of flipping it open. This mechanism opens and closes the blade, making it a bit easier on the fingers. The Elementum Button Lock is most commonly paired with a Sandvik 14C28N steel blade offering good edge retention toughness, hardness, and corrosion resistance. It also comes in real, high-quality Damascus steel, which is extraordinary for the $100 price tag. Carbon fiber and micarta handles are most used for the button lock, but it also comes with G-10 handles. 

Elementum Fixed Blade: The Elementum Fixed Blade is a longer and tougher version of the original Elementum. This knife is perfect for everyday carry, hunting, bushcraft, and more. This knife is around 8.5” and weighs just over 4.5 oz. The Elementum Fixed Blade is still only a fraction of the cost compared to other brands despite the premium construction, making it a must-have for your collection. It is mainly offered with a D2 steel blade but can come with Damascus and stainless steel. Depending on grip preferences will determine your choice of G-10, micarta, or a wood handle. While the other Elementums offer a pocket clip and lanyard hole for carrying, the fixed blade comes with a lanyard hole and a snap-fit Kydex sheath with a belt clip. 

Mini Elementum: The most recent variation of the Elementum brand is the Mini Elementum. This small, light-weight knife is only 4.3” long with a 1.8” blade making it the perfect keychain knife. Though all the Elementums are excellent everyday carrying knives, the Mini is incredibly unique because of its minute size and extensive capabilities. The Mini Elementum is the only folding model with a frame lock construction instead of a liner lock. This knife is only offered with Sandvik 14C28N steel with a hand-rubbed brass or copper finish.


With countless reasons to love the CIVIVI Elementum, the most significant comparison comes down to the use of premium materials and the cost. Nowhere else can you find a combination of the two in an EDC knife. With varying materials and styles, you can find the right knife for you! The most overwhelming concern we hear is finding a durable and long-lasting everyday knife that will not break the bank, and the CIVIVI Elementum answers this concern with durable construction at an affordable price.

For a more in-depth understanding of the CIVIVI Elementum, check out our top-to-bottom review, where we score every aspect of the knife, from materials and finish to ergonomics and ease of carry.

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