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Bowie Knives: Ka-bar

One brand we’ve completely neglected to talk about on the bowie knives blog is Ka-bar, which is a shame because Ka-bar makes a mean bowie knife. Here are some Ka-bar Bowies we carry at Blade HQ:

Ka-bar 1235 Marine Hunter (Leather-handled)


The 1235 Marine Hunter is a classic bowie-style blade, and as you can infer from its name, it’s a hunting knife. This knife totals 10.75 inches in length and weighs 6.8 oz. With this knife, you get a great price, stellar functionality, and a pretty great look overall—especially with the addition of the leather handle. Get this knife at Blade HQ.

Leather-Handled Bowies


This Bowie is very similar to the first one, so I won’t spend a ton of time talking about it. However, from the picture above, you can tell that the actual clip point on the Bowie extends longer than on the 1235, so that’s something to consider if you want a more distinct Bowie blade. This knife is also slightly longer than the 1235; It totals 11.75″ in length, but it also weighs 6.8 oz. Check it out at Blade HQ.

Now on to some tactical Bowie blades, if you will.

Ka-Bar Large Heavy Bowie Knife


This knifes name really gives you some insight into this blade upfront. This knife is indeed large (12.9 inches long total with an 8-inch blade) and heavy (15.2 oz. in weight). It has great gripping and it has a black-coated 1085 high carbon steel blade, so it is easy to sharpen. This is a pretty intense blade, and it’s a great option for those who want a typical Bowie structure with a slightly modern or tactical look. Buy it at Blade HQ.

Ka-bar Becker Combat Bowie


If you thought the last knife was long, wait until you get a load of this one; it totals 14.75 inches in length and has a 9-inch blade. This blade handle has Ethan Becker’s classic ergonomic handle design. (Becker makes knives geared toward those looking for outdoor and tactical blades.) It is probably because of this that users can handle the Becker Combat for long periods of time with less fatigue than most other similar knives. This knife has a black finished 1095 Cro-Van Steel blade.