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Knives in Movies: Bowie Knives

We have covered a fair amount of Bowie knives in the movies on this blog, but most of the movies we highlighted were pretty old, like Rambo, Crocodile Dundee, and Commando. Not that you don’t care about seeing a Bowie knife in movies from the ‘80s, but I thought you all might be interested in seeing Bowies in movies that are a little more recent.

Here are some Bowie knives in movies for your enjoyment:

Knives in Movies


Cold Steel Bowie Machete

knives in movies

If you’ve seen the movie Revolution, you may have spotted the Cold Steel Bowie Machete:


The Bowie Machete is a pretty sweet blade from Cold Steel. It is 17.65 inches long and has a 12-inch blade. It’s a little hard to tell from the picture, but the handle material is polypropylene, and the handle totals 5.625 inches in length. The massive blade is made of 1055 carbon steel, and it’s great for taking on a camping trip.

The Hunger Games

Cold Steel Bowie Bushman

knives in movies

knives in movies

The Hunger Games movies are pretty big right now, so even if you haven’t seen these movies, you’ve probably at least heard of them. Weapons are not in short supply in these movies, and if you know your knives and are watching closely, you may have spotted the Cold Steel Bowie Bushman:


The Bowie Bushman is 12.25 inches long overall, and it has a 7-inch blade. It’s a pretty interesting knife; because it doesn’t have a joint or seam between the blade and handle, it’s extremely strong. If I was in The Hunger Games, I’d want my own Bowie Bushman, too. As you can see from the pictures from the motion picture, you can attach the knife to a handle extension and wa-BAM! Instant intense Bowie created.

The Devil’s Rejects 

Cold Steel Stag Handle Trail Master

knives in movies

This specific model is actually discontinued, but I wanted to include it anyway. This photo shows the Cold Steel Trail Master with a stag handle. Even though this model is no longer in production, there is a Cold Steel Trail Master still being made with a Kraton handle.

Last Man Standing

SOG Seal Pup Elite

knives in movies

It’s not Tim-the-Tool-Man Taylor—nope, it’s Tim Allen as Mike Baxter in the TV series Last Man Standing. As you can see, he’s holding this knife:


This is the SOG SEAL Pup Elite. The knife totals 9.50 inches in length and it has a 4.85-inch blade. It weighs 5.4 ounces. The SEAL Pups that come with a kydex sheath come with SOG’s patent-pending “GROOOOVE!” feature. It’s basically a small cutout from the sheath that allows you to cut a little bit without actually taking off the sheath. The cutout is also small enough so that you’re not going to accidentally cut yourself when the knife is in the sheath. Here’s a look at the knife with the sheath on:


Have you spotted any Bowie knives in movies? Let us know what Bowies you’ve seen on the big screen and we’ll be sure to include them in our next post on knives in movies!