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Boker Knives: A Brief History

Dating back to the 17th century, Boker has been one of the world’s top producers of knives and cutlery. Their rich history and quality products are what makes them stand out from other brands in the knife industry. Read on to learn more about Boker and the amazing knives they produce!

Boker: Then

The iconic chestnut tree logo of Boker is much more than a simple icon for the brand, it’s a representation of the resilience of the Boker brand through time. The Boker brand has survived several wars and multiple economic depressions over the course of the last 300 years. Their commitment to producing an excellent product has helped them to weather difficult times and has propelled them to the top of the knife world.

Boker Knives as we know it was founded in Solingen, Germany in 1869 as a tool manufacturer. As wars ensued, the demand for weapons increased. Boker started producing sabers in 1829 with nearly 2000 pieces hand made by the end of 1830.

By 1865, Heinrich Boker’s brothers Hermann and Robert emigrated to North America to start Boker & Co. and Casa Boker respectively as premium knife makers in North America. Back in Solingen, Heinrich Boker expanded his manufacturing output to razors, scissors and pocketknives.

Following the War, Boker would regain contact with Boker New York and knives would again begin to flow from the factory in Germany. From the 1960’s Boker has a prominent knife brand in the United States. Their production of quality sporting and collector’s knives has helped them to grow strong in a saturated market. Innovation, quality and a wide price range make their knives more accessible to consumers than other brands.

Boker: Now

Today, Boker continues their legacy of producing high quality knives. Its factory in Solingen, Germany is alive and well on the banks of the Wupper river and produces thousands of knives a day. From traditional slip-joint pocketknives to tactical folding knives, the Boker brand continues to innovate and raise the bar. Boker USA helps bring Boker knives to North America, allowing us to have some of our favorites like the Kalashnikov, Kihon and Kompakt.

For more about Boker, check out our exclusive tour and interview with the Boker team in Solingen, and visit BladeHQ.com to pick up a sweet Boker knife today!

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