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The Best Zero Tolerance Pocket Knives

blade hq zero tolerance best pocket knives
Did you know that Zero Tolerance Knives has only been around for a little over ten years? I know, it feels like we’ve been together so much longer than that. There’s something about a company that consistently produces knee-weakening, heart-throbbing, eye-poppingly beautiful knives that makes it hard for you to imagine ever living life without them.
Since this is in fact the week of Valentine’s Day, we thought it only fitting to celebrate our love for ZT by bringing you a list of the best Zero Tolerance pocket knives. If your valentine dropped the ball this year, just pull up this post and give ‘er a wink.
Wink, wink.
1. Zero Tolerance RJ Martin 0609

The Zero Tolerance RJ Martin 0609 Flipper Knife Blade HQ
The Zero Tolerance RJ Martin 0609 Flipper Knife.

A scaled down version of RJ Martin’s 0606CF, the 0609 is a vision of pure beauty. The 0609 features a 3.4-inch 20CV blade and a gorgeous bronze-anodized, intricately milled titanium handle. Add RJ Martin’s exclusive See Through Pivot, and you’ve got a blade that slays the competition in both looks and quality. Should you need to disassemble it, the 0609’s unique pivot does require a $25, specialized tool—but we choose to think of it as just one more detail that sets this knife apart from the crowd. It was a major standout at SHOT Show 2018, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it again.
No word yet on when she’s available, but you can preorder all of ZT’s new 2018 knives on our site.
2. Zero Tolerance Hinderer 0393
Zero Tolerance Hinderer 0393 Frame Lock Knife Blade HQ
The Zero Tolerance Hinderer 0393 Frame Lock Knife.

Based loosely on his previous design for the Maximus, the 0393 is a new ZT knife from Rick Hinderer that combine sleek finesse with a hard-hitting, tactical look. The 0393 has a 20CV spanto-style blade with BlackWash DLC flats and aggressive, satin grinds that will make this knife excellent for slicing and piercing. We’re digging the slate blue finish on the titanium handle and love the great ergos and black G-10 scales. Props to Rick and ZT for producing a knife that will perform well and look great while doing it.
3. Zero Tolerance Sinkevich 0462
The Zero Tolerance Sinkevich 0462 Flipper Knife Blade HQ
The Zero Tolerance Sinkevich 0462 Flipper Knife.

Dmitry Sinkevich’s latest design is a beautifully crafted knife. The 0462 has more than an inch of total length on its little bro, but its greater size and power is balanced by a titanium handle with a single carbon fiber front scale. Coming it in at 2.3 oz., it’s not quite 1.5 oz. heavier than the 0460. There’s something alluring about those serpentine curves, and that composite carbon fiber pattern only adds to the snakelike appearance. If it’s anything like the 0460, the 0462 will make an excellent EDC pocket knife, feel amazing in hand, and have quick, effortless action.
If you can’t get enough of ZT’s new 2018 lineup, right about now would be an excellent time for you to watch our interview with Zero Tolerance at SHOT Show 2018. You’re welcome.

4. Zero Tolerance Rexford 0801BW
The Zero Tolerance 801BW Flipper Titanium Knife Blade HQ
The Zero Tolerance 801BW Flipper Titanium Knife.

I am Extremely happy with it. In fact since i bought this knife I have ordered 2 other ZT’s I was so happy. the flipper action of this knife is about as perfect as you could expect. Blade on mine is 100% perfect. Centering perfect, comfortable in the hand. And then the best part USA Made!! Quality construction and flawless operation. Can’t wait to get the 0560 I ordered from Blade HQ.”

—Kenneth D.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Kenneth. The only addition we might make is that the Todd Rexford’s 0801BW looks freaking cool. The allover rugged, dark wash and milled pattern on the handle are reminiscent of a battle-worn firearm—which is something we soldier wannabes kinda like.

5. Zero Tolerance Sinkevich 0456

The Zero Tolerance 0456 Flipper Titanium Knife Blade HQ
The Zero Tolerance 0456 Flipper Titanium Knife.

This knife has a lot going for it and is a genuine piece of pocket jewelry. The action is amazing, sits fat in the hand in a really good way for my large hands and the machining is phenomenal.”

—Brandon P.

Here at Blade HQ, we have a special place in our hearts for all things silver and blue, so we get a bit starry-eyed every time we look at this knife. Another work of Sinkevich genius, the 0456 is so beautiful it almost hurts. The stout proportions, the 3-D contours and minimalist machining, the subtle two-tone finish from the stonewashed handle and blade with satin grinds, that peek of blue from the pivot, backspacer, and pocket clip…

That’s it for our favorite Zero Tolerance pocket knives, but there’s a whole lot more to see over on our YouTube channel. Check out our latest episode of Knife Banter, wherein our local ZT guru and video-editing-genius Matthew goes over all the latest and greatest from ZT.

Do you carry a Zero Tolerance knife? Declare your love in the comments below!