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Best Pocket Knife Brands

Best Pocket Knife Brands

When it comes to pocket knives, there are tons of options to choose from. But how do you sort through the choices to find the best knife brand? Read below to learn about 15 of our best-selling knife brands that we carry.



Benchmade Top Knife Brand

Our best-selling Benchmade knives:

Benchmade is a precision knife maker in Oregon City, Oregon with amazing manual, automatic, and fixed blade knives. Famous for their AXIS lock, every Benchmade is 100% made in the USA and comes with free LifeSharp maintenance. Benchmade offers a variety of knives with premium materials and unique designs that fill every need you could ask of a knife.

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Spyderco Top Knife Brand

Our best-selling Spyderco knives:

Spyderco released their first knife in 1981 and became an EDC knife favorite for millions with new and innovative features such as the Spydie Hole and pocket clip. Built from the edge up, Spyderco knives are functional, ergonomic, and beautiful. You can expect an amazing fit and finish along with premium blade steel on every Spyderco knife.

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Boker Top Knife Brand

Our best-selling Boker knives:

With roots back to Germany in the 1600’s, Boker Knives, also known as the “tree brand,” is a trusted maker of quality hunting, kitchen, and especially pocket knives. Boker’s automatic and folding knives offer amazing quality at an affordable price. From tactical to gentlemanly, Boker has a knife to fit every need.

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Microtech Top Knife Brand

Our best-selling Microtech knives:

Microtech Knives started in 1994 with one mission—to make the best pocket knives possible. From out-the-front and automatic knives to manual folders and fixed blades, each Microtech knife is designed and engineered to extremely tight tolerances for ultimate performance. You can never go wrong with a Microtech knife.

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Kershaw Top Knife Brand

Our best-selling Kershaw knives:

You can be sure of one thing, Oregon’s Kershaw Knives is never afraid of innovation. Kershaw manufactures a huge variety of function-forward EDC, sport, and tactical knives. A lifetime warranty ensures your Kershaw knife is up to any task you throw at it. Kershaw takes pride in offering performance, design, and quality for a value, which makes them one of the best knife brands to put your money towards.

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Zero Tolerance

ZT Top Knife Brand

Our best-selling Zero Tolerance knives:

Zero Tolerance Knives, part of the same subsidiary as Kershaw, is also based in Tualatin, Oregon. ZT offers knives that are built to the exacting specifications demanded by law enforcement, military, and collectors. Zero Tolerance is committed to stringent quality control standards and utilize only premium materials and craftsmanship. ZT knives can be depended upon for both EDC and hard use.

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Pro-Tech Top Knife Brand

Our best-selling Protech knives:

Protech Knives make incredibly popular automatic switchblade knives for EDC, military, and police around the world. Committed to craftsmanship, each Protech knife is hand-made in small batches from premium materials. To see why Protech is in our list of best knife brands, check out our Protech video that highlights all the reasons Protech is loved in the knife industry.

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Gerber Top Knife Brand

Our best-selling Gerber knives:

Gerber designs the outdoor gear, tools, and especially knives that are essential for getting any job done. Gerber produces a variety of knife models that include automatic switchblade, manual, and fixed blades that all use high-quality materials. No matter which type of Gerber knife you buy, rest assured knowing you bought from one of the best knife brands available.

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WE Knife Co.

WE Knife Co. Top Knife Brand

Our best-selling WE knives:

WE Knife Company has set a new standard for Chinese production knives. WE has been in operation since 2000 and offers a wide variety of different knives. WE’s EDC knives utilize premium materials like Bohler M390 blade steel and titanium with carbon fiber—all with an amazing fit-and-finish that leaves a serious impression!

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Kizer Top Knife Brand

Our best-selling Kizer knives:

Kizer Knives is proud to be one of the first knife companies to produce premium knives in China. With materials being sourced from the US and Japan, each Kizer feels great in hand during use. When considering buying a new knife, keep Kizer knives high on your list if you want some of the best quality from a knife brand at a bargain pricepoint.

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Buck Top Knife Brand

Our best-selling Buck knives:

Buck has been producing knives for over a century. With experience like that, you know you’ll get tried and tested knives that are built for use. Not only is Buck known for using some of the best heat-treated 420HC steel you can find in a blade, they are backed by the Buck 4-Ever Warranty. Peace of mind has never sounded so sweet.

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BladeRunnerS Systems (-=BRS=-)

BRS Top Knife Brand

Our best-selling BRS knives:

BRS is a company founded by two balisong flippers and overall knife enthusiasts. Their mission is to produce premium butterfly knives and gear with a design philosophy centered around performance, precision and quality. BRS has branched out from their balisong lineup to produce folders that sport an amazing fit and finish.

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CRKT Top Knife Brand

Our best-selling CRKT knives:

CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool) is a knife company based in Oregon that offers quality knives at low-cost prices. CRKT collaborates with knife designers such as Ken Onion, Lucas Burnley, and Jesper Voxnaes to craft brilliant designs affordable to everybody. When you’re looking for the best knife brands, be sure to keep CRKT on your list.

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Chris Reeve

Chris Reeve Top Knife Brand

Our best-selling Chris Reeve knives:

Chris Reeve Knives is based in Boise, Idaho and offers some of the highest quality production knives you can buy. Each Chris Reeve knife goes through a rigorous production process to ensure the tightest tolerances are met. Chris Reeve comes to mind in almost any conversation when talking about the best pocket knife brands.

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Cold Steel

Cold Steel Top Knife Brand

Our best-selling Cold Steel knives:

Tough, durable, and solid is what should come to mind when you hear Cold Steel. Lynn Thompson’s Cold Steel has been making knives and sharp tools since 1980. They offer a wide variety of knives, from karambits, folding, assisted, fixed, and much more. Consider Cold Steel when looking to find the best knife for your needs.

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Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with any of the above when looking for the best pocket knife brand for your needs. Now that you know the top brands, be sure to check out our Best Pocket Knives and Best New Knives of 2021 articles for more information. This is by no means the end-all be-all to the best knife brands. If you want to see the hundreds more brands that we carry, check out our Shop by Brand page.




Still in that information gathering phase? We’ve got a whole bunch more lists of all the Best Knives! Happy hunting and may you find that one special knife of your dreams!