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Best Microtech Knives in 2023


Microtech knives are some of the best. I’ve held hundreds of them, and I’d trust my life to any of them. Some of them are so good they’ve transcended our universe and become favorites of superhumans like John Wick, The Joker, and the Men in Black (the good ones). But as nice as that sounds, that can bring with it a problem. At the time of writing, there are 592 in-stock Microtech knives at Blade HQ, with more arriving all the time. How could you possibly pick the best of the best Microtech knives? 

This article is here to help you. The knives discussed below are not only built to the legendary Microtech standard, but they’ve become perennial favorites for knife users worldwide. Let’s get into it! 



Out-the-front knives are a fairly new invention, with the first OTF knife patented in 1860. For over a century, OTFs were cool and had their place, but the Microtech Ultratech, released in 1999, changed that. For the first time, the OTF was a great choice for everyone. EDCers, outdoorsmen, military and law enforcement personnel, and more love this knife. It’s durable, easy to actuate, and easy on the eyes, too! It set an incredibly high bar that even today is difficult to reach, and let me tell you, other companies have tried. The Ultratech is the gold standard, and you can’t go wrong with it! 



The MSI, or Microtech Standard Issue, is a heavy-duty everyday carry folder that features Microtech’s patented Ram-Lok.  At first glance, that lock looks like many other crossbar locks. But upon close examination, you’ll see that instead of the customary bar, it uses a solid block. Not only does that make it incredibly strong, but it also provides a larger area for your hand to interact with, making operating the knife easy, even when gloved. That game-changing lock, combined with the utilitarian design, world-class materials, and competitive price of the MSI makes it an easy choice for an EDC folder! 



If you’re in the market for a tactical knife, the SOCOM should be on your radar. With its four-inch blade and grippy, rubberized handle, it’s a potent force for everything from utility cutting to combat. The first SOCOM came out in 1996, and over the years, it’s seen upgrades in its materials, design, ergonomics, and build quality. It is truly ready for the rigors of the modern battlefield. The SOCOM design is available as a folder, an automatic, a fixed blade, and even some titanium frame locks, and numerous colors, blade styles, and edge types in each of those categories! You are guaranteed to find the perfect SOCOM for your style and daily life, and you’ll be better for it! 



Microtech’s greatest strength is its people. Tony Marfione, Microtech’s founder, is heavily involved in every aspect of knife production. Along the way, he’s become friends with some of the best knifemakers in the world. One such friend is Sebastijan Barenji, the maker behind Borka Blades. The Stitch is a production collaboration, combining the tactical prowess of a Microtech with the signature design of a Borka. Its Wharncliffe-esque blade boasts a needle-like point backed by a thick tang, making it a potent force for any job before you. You can get a Stitch as either an automatic or a Ram-Lok manual, and you can’t go wrong with either! 

Dirac Delta 


Perhaps nobody is less catered to in the knife world than lefties. I’d like to apologize on behalf of the industry for that, and tell you left-handed folks that if nothing else, Microtech is thinking of you. The Dirac Delta is here for you. It’s a double-action OTF with a front-of-scale actuator, making it the exact same experience for righties and lefties, with no need to reposition the pocket clip. Like all Microtech OTFs, the Dirac Delta is tough as nails and slick as butter and comes in more variations than you could throw a stick at. A great knife indeed!   

Combat Troodon 


There are a ton of tactical OTFs, but the Combat Troodon, in my opinion, is the tactical OTF. It’s big, burly, and built like a tank. Many military and law enforcement professionals who need tactical knives are also big, burly, and built like tanks. It’s a match made in heaven. Even the largest gloved hand will have no trouble operating this beast of a knife, which will come in handy when seconds count. And if you’re feeling fancy, you can often find Marfione Custom Combat Troodons with fancy blade shapes, grinds, handles, etc. that can easily be worth thousands. 



LUDT stands for Large Underwater Demolition Team. When it was first released, the Microtech UDT came in three sizes, but eventually that was narrowed down to just the large model, the LUDT. It was named after the Underwater Demolition Team, an elite amphibious unit of United States Navy soldiers who played a pivotal role in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Eventually, the UDT was phased out to make way for the new breed of Navy special operations, the SEALs. With that legendary name behind it, you can bet that the LUDT is a top-quality knife. Despite its name, the LUDT is rather small, which prevents it from bearing you down, especially in water. It’s built tough, has a dependable action, and is worthy for all sorts of activities on land or sea! 

Why buy a Microtech? 


Every time I pick up a Microtech, I can’t help but feel impressed. Yes, many Microtech knives are expensive, but you can see why. They use the absolute best available materials, are made with painstakingly precise standards, and are designed with absolute utility in mind. Microtech has never cut a single corner on their knives, and you can tell. If owning a product like that sounds nice, then Microtech might just be your brand!