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Best Knife Deals of 2024

The old truism “you get what you pay for” applies to knives. If you want the best of the best design, materials, workmanship, finishing, etc. it will cost you. Or, at least, usually it will. Today, I’m going to show you some of the best bang-for-your-buck knife deals available at BladeHQ.com to prove that sometimes, you get far more than you pay for!  

This list is broken down into two parts: knives that are always great deals and knives that are on crazy sale. Let’s do this! 

Everyday Knife Deals 

CJRB Pyrite Steel/S90V 

This Blade HQ exclusive has a special radial texture on the steel handle for grip and a CPM S90V blade. S90V is a go-to steel for many companies’ ultra-premium variants of knives and will often command a price increase of $100 or more on top of the original price. But not CJRB! This thing only costs $90. No, that’s not a typo! 

Kershaw Bel-Air

You knew Kershaw was going to be on this list. They make great knives for even better prices, and the new-for-2024 Bel-Air is no exception. It offers a CPM MagnaCut blade, a Cerakote-finished aluminum handle, and a fidgety crossbar lock—all for $155, all made in the USA. 

QSP Canary Fixed Blade

The Canary Fixed Blade gives you a large, broad blade made of Cr8Mo2VSi, an equivalent of the top-notch Sleipner steel found on many Italian fixed blades. It also has a grippy Micarta handle and one of the snappiest Kydex sheaths out there. It only costs $62, but I’d happily pay double! 

Mora Clipper

No list of knife deals is complete without a Mora. Any Mora knife is worthy of this list, but we picked the Clipper because of its textured and rubberized handle. It’s great for bushcraft tasks, fishing, hunting, and anything else outdoors. Best of all, you can get our Dessert Warrior version for only $25! 

Ruike P801 

Sometimes I’ll feel a knife and try to guess its price. When I felt the P801, I thought, based on the amount of milling in the handle, its blade steel, action tuning, drop-shut action, and tolerances, it would cost about $200. I was wrong – this knife, which feels as good as any $200 knife I’ve felt, costs less than $40! 

Ontario Camp Plus 

Whether you’re a camper or an EDCer, the Camp Plus is a great pick. It’s light, has a strong lockback, a tough and nearly rust-proof 420 blade, and several variants of color and blade style. They vary in price, but each of them is less than $15! 

Knives on Crazy Sale! 

Boker Papillon 

I’ve held a lot of balisongs in my life. I’m no expert flipper, but this much I can tell you: I’ve never felt a live-edge balisong that both better and cheaper than, or even the same price as the Papillon at this sale price! It’s going for about $30! If you’re just testing the water of bali flipping, I’d tell you to start here! 

Gerber Truss 

Combining pliers, plain and serrated blades, scissors, a saw, screwdrivers, can and bottle openers, an awl, a file, and a ruler all into one tool for $25 is impressive! And they didn’t skimp on the sheath! Strap the Gerber Truss to your belt and unleash your inner MacGyver! 

Benchmade Weekender 

This USA-made modern traditional knife is discontinued and on sale! If you fancy yourself a gentleman, I’d check this one out. Its burgundy Micarta scales and black stonewashed blades make it muted, yet elegant. This Weekender uses CPM S90V blade steel and is on sale for $199! 

Spyderco Sage 1 Maxamet 

Maxamet is an incredible steel. It’s high in carbides and is so hard that it will retain its edge long after other premium steels have gone dull. This steel isn’t a Spyderco exclusive, they’re just the only company brave enough to work with it. You can get it on the iconic Sage 1 for only $225! 

Demko AD20.5 

If you’ve never felt a Shark Lock, you’ve got to try one! It locks up so securely you’d think it was a clunky mechanism, but it’s one of the fidgetiest in existence! We have several AD20.5’s on for $150 or less, so there’s never been a better time to check one out! 

CRKT Hootenanny 

CRKT is known for collaborating with some of the best knife designers in the world, and Ken Onion brought the goods for the Hootenanny! Its textured GRN scales are light and grippy, its bolster lock is strong and dependable, and its blade has a subtle sweep for slicing cuts. You can get this knife for only $30! 

Boker USB 

Let’s be honest – half the reason most of us want an OTF is to run the double-action over and over until our coworkers get annoyed. If this describes you, don’t spend hundreds on a tactical powerhouse. Just get the USB! This thing fits on your keychain, has a quality D2 blade, and has an excellent price. Everything you want out of an OTF, but cheaper and smaller! 

Buck 112 Dymalux

The Buck 112 has stood the test of time as a great option for EDC, but Buck took it into the 21st century with this one! This Blade HQ Exclusive version has a CPM S35VN blade, nickel silver bolsters, Walnut Dymalux handle inlays, a pocket clip, and a thumb stud. This USA-made powerhouse is on sale for only $120! 

Find Some Deals! 

When planning this article, each of the buyers and I were tasked with presenting a list of deals. We narrowed it down a lot to get here. This list is but a drop in the bucket of amazing knife deals at Blade HQ. If you are looking for more inspiration, check out our Sale and Clearance categories for more! Happy shopping!