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Best CIVIVI Knives of 2023 

In the knife world, where there are plenty of dazzling blades out there with all the bells and whistles, handles made from space-age materials, and secret, complicated locking mechanisms—people may wonder if a CIVIVI knife is worth all the hype.  

With a tendency towards minimalism—especially the tremendously popular and enduring Elementum—we see knife buyers hitting the forums asking, “Are CIVIVI knives good? Who makes them, anyway?” Well, we’re here to answer those questions and more, also providing you with our own take. 

First of all, CIVIVI comes from WE Knife Company. You’ve probably heard of WE Knife. They have a fantastic reputation in the business for consistently producing high-quality knives with to-die-for designs. And where are WE Knives and CIVIVI made? The WE Knife Company is the largest manufacturer of first-rate cutlery in China.

They are just one of many knifemakers out there who are changing the stigma of Chinese knife brands by producing phenomenal EDC pocket knives and fixed blades. 

So why the need to come out with a sister company when they’re already pretty amazing on their own, you may wonder. It boils down to this: CIVIVI offers an excellent EDC knife with a WE Knife build and quality materials but with a move towards utilitarianism and affordability. Hundreds of CIVIVI Knives pass through our hands every year, and we can attest that they are in a league of their own. To quote the knifemakers, “CIVIVI knives look good, feel food, work well, and get the job done.” 

Can I get an amen? That’s exactly what I want in a knife. Plus, I’m always looking for a good deal. Quality And Affordable may not be my middle name, but it should be. 

Elementum Series 

I know, I know. The Elementum was on our 2022 list, and to be honest, it probably always will be unless something changes drastically. 

There’s a reason so many people love the Elementum. Fans consider it the ultimate EDC pocket knife. As a streamlined folder, the CIVIVI Elementum excels. With its hollow ground drop point blade, it effortlessly handles cutting and slicing tasks. Whether it’s everyday chores or smaller cutting jobs, the Elementum makes quick work of them. A super-smooth ball-bearing pivot and perfectly machined detent will have you wondering if you accidentally bought an assisted opening knife. 

Our Merchandising Manager, Justin, owns several, and one always makes it into his pocket, especially if he’s going for a hike. It’s his officially designated hiking knife, great for slicing apples and general trail activities.

… And take a look at the Elementum II! Love that they’ve gone with the look of the original liner lock, the fast flipper action, the upgraded steel, and the perfect button lock. There’s also something attractive about the lines and shape of an Elementum. 

It is, to put it simply, a looker. To quote Gentleman Prefer Blondes, “You wouldn’t marry a girl just because she’s pretty, but my goodness, doesn’t it help?” 

Vision FG

Light and powerful, the Vision FG might just be the knife you didn’t know you needed. Who doesn’t love a killer-looking reverse tanto? The tough Nitro-V blade means it can take a lot of hard work, and our customers rave over the innovative Superlock. My colleague Hayden Thomas told me he’s been using his Vision FG for a month, and “it still cuts great!”  

I appreciate the cut-outs, keeping the carry light, and the blade’s utility. 

To quote customer Stephen H., “The blade shape is nice, and it comes very sharp from the factory. Nitro-V is basically AEB-L with the addition of Vanadium and Nitrogen, so it is quite tough, which is good because the blade is fairly thin. The dark green canvas micarta scales are DARK, quite grippy, and done well. The Super Lock is why you should buy this knife, it is AWESOME. The locking mechanism works great, lock up is rock solid, it’s very user-friendly, and it makes this knife addictive to open and close one-handed.” 

Incisor II 

CIVIVI takes their everyday carry pocket knife convenience and takes it in a tactical direction. With its aggressive karambit blade, this knife seamlessly blends flair with functionality.  

This knife is modeled after the WE Knives Incisor but has an aluminum handle instead of titanium, so you have sublime lightness and toughness but with a more affordable price tag. The flipper opener, thumb hole, and thumb stud openers are fast and give you a wealth of choices. I adore the compact design and fidgetiness. 

Basically, its wickedly sharp design elevates its coolness factor, while its practical details make it as useful as it is striking. 

Customer Thomas E. says, “I have been carrying mine for a couple of weeks now, and I am pleasantly surprised by how useful it actually is in a standard hammer grip. The way it refuses to let go of the material you are cutting is really impressive and enjoyable. The deployment and action are also very satisfying. Every time I take one of my other knives out for a day, I find myself missing this one. This is a great design. Build quality on mine is basically perfect. The anodizing, grind, centering, etc., is all perfect. The only hiccup is a small amount of lock stick on the button when closing, but not nearly enough to take a star away from this beauty. With the great detent, all of the usual opening methods work very well, but the flipper prefers “push button” technique over “light switch.” 

Personally, I was surprised at how beautifully this knife fits in my hand. One of those that rides perfectly, with no hot spots or uncomfortable bits sticking out. A joy to wield. 


Okay, can we agree that the Qubit is just fun? The design is a standout, with anodized handles in an array of eye-catching colors and a sharp Nitro-V steel blade.  

The combination of user-friendliness and sleek design makes owning this beauty a delightful experience. Convenient thumb studs and an efficient button lock make deploying and retracting the blade effortless, and the versatile size is well-suited for a range of tasks. Powered by a ball bearings pivot, this knife glides smoothly and effortlessly. 

Basically, the Qubit ticks all the right boxes. The blade is slightly under three inches, there’s a reversible pocket clip, a user-friendly button lock mechanism, and a delightfully compact design. Best of all, the action is remarkable. The inclusion of caged ceramic bearings gives its user an exceptionally smooth opening that seems to belong to knives at a higher price point. 

Customer Chris P. says, “I am so happy with my knife journey. The action and bearings on this are so smooth. It just shoots out – and the close is the smoothest and cleanest I have. … Tried and true instant classic feel that outpunches its weight. Just awesome. Also, lightweight in a good way. Light but sturdy! Could easily run in shorts with this one.” 

Baby Banter 

Scaling down the Banter’s attributes to approximately 85% of its size, the Baby Banter shines in everyday applications. It even fits in the fifth pocket of my jeans but opens up nicely into a decent blade that has just the right belly size for slicing.   

Made in collaboration with WE Knife Co. and our Blade HQ alumnus, Ben Petersen, known for his exceptional Knafs Co. knives, the CIVIVI Baby Banter has a special place in our hearts. This diminutive dynamo is the younger sibling of the full-sized Banter, celebrated for its discreet carry, versatility, and knack for effortlessly handling various tasks. 

Whether it’s breaking down cardboard boxes, swiftly slicing through clamshell packaging, or aiding in food preparation, this pocket-sized wonder steps up to the plate. Notably, the Nitro-V blade steel is known for its ability to attain an exceptionally sharp edge. If you seek a compact knife with remarkable functionality, the Baby Banter is an ideal choice for you. 

Customer Beau P. says, “This is the single best knife that I have In my collection. For the price, quality, and customization, I highly recommend this EDC knife for anyone who wants a small and compact razor-sharp knife.” 


Whether you go for the full-size or the Mini Praxis, you’ve got a bargain on your hands! We love the sliciness of the belly and ergonomic hold, and there are so many delightful colors and textures to choose from. People say that they’re surprised at how useful the Praxis is, and they find they carry it more than their more expensive knives. 

The knife’s overall profile is sleek and stylish, with clean lines interrupted only by subtle finger grooves designed for ergonomic comfort.  

The blade is crafted from 9Cr18MoV stainless steel, an economical yet highly practical choice for everyday carry, thanks to its corrosion-resistant properties. A reversible deep-carry clip accommodates both right- and left-hand carry preferences. 

This is a perfectly sized knife, ready to take on your daily chores. 

Customer Andrew K. says, “Just got my blue Praxis today after falling in love with the smaller Elementum. The Praxis is big like I wanted, shaves hairs out of the box, the grip fits perfectly in my hand, the blade is centered with no play, and the action is just buttery smooth. This is a steal for the price.” 


If you want a fixed-blade knife whose proximity makes it wonderfully accessible, a neck knife is the perfect choice. It’s not just a tactical tool. When you need a blade quickly, it’s right there, and the weight is negligible. 

Circulus’ steel boasts impressive corrosion resistance, a crucial attribute for a neck knife that’s worn close to the body. While you should continue to maintain your neck knife, its durability and resistance properties make maintenance a breeze. The skeletonized handle design keeps this knife exceptionally lightweight without compromising its robustness and endurance. 

In addition, the titanium bead chain is both remarkably strong and lightweight.  

This knife is destined to be a reliable companion for your everyday carry requirements over the years, and its convenient, at-your-fingertips placement is ideal for quick access and use. 

Customers say they love it as a backup knife. They also appreciate the design, super sharpness, its lightness, and overall sturdiness. 

Sentinel Strike 

The Sentinel Strike stands out with its beautifully unique design. The grippiness of the partially textured handle isn’t subtle. Instead, the textured part is highlighted by using an insert with a color that contrasts perfectly with the aluminum frame. 

The budget-friendly Sentinel Strike is particularly ideal for those who admired the award-winning Ziffius design but couldn’t snag one during its limited run or were put off by the hefty price tag. This budget-friendly version is made up of high-quality materials, a sturdy “integral style” button lock, a thumb hole, and a flipper opener.  

Customer Chance P., who purchased the Sentinel Strike with Damascus blade, says, “I thought this knife was incredible right out of the box. It became an instant favorite of mine, with smooth action opening and closing and some of the most beautiful Damascus that I have ever seen. The handle is a great fit for my large hands, and the finger choil is perfectly placed. Makes me think about how nice the Ziffius might be.” 

Discontinued CIVIVI 

Nothing is forever, and the world of knives is no exception. Discontinuing models is a natural phase in the knife lifecycle. Unfortunately, CIVIVI must periodically bid farewell to some models to welcome fresh additions. No matter how much we wish they’d stay. 

On our CIVIVI discontinued page, you’ll discover knives that are no longer in production and are currently in our inventory. Seize the opportunity to snag fantastic deals on a wide range of remarkable knives and discover your next favorite. If you spot something you fancy, don’t hesitate. Once these are sold out, they are gone for good. 

CIVIVI New Arrivals 

…And speaking of fresh models, this is where you’ll find the freshest. CIVIVI is always coming up with the new and the fabulous as they play with design and try out new innovations. We love checking out the New Arrivals from CIVIVI and know you will, too. 

CIVIVI knives stand out as some of the finest budget folding knives available today. Setting themselves apart from others in the same price bracket, CIVIVI knives excel in using superior materials, ensuring consistent fit and finish, and delivering an unparalleled overall experience. These knives offer excellence within reach for everyone. Whether you’re seeking an affordable everyday carry folding knife to expand your collection or a versatile all-purpose tool, CIVIVI knives deserve a closer look. 

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While these are our top CIVIVI recommendations, Blade HQ has an extensive selection beyond what’s featured here. Shop CIVIVI Knives and let us know which is your favorite!