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Best Buck Knives

Very few knives are as iconic as Buck knives. Their traditional construction and design have stood the test of time making them some of the longest-running knives in production. Whether you love traditional knives, prefer knives that are built to last, or live to hunt, there’s bound to be a Buck for you. Check out our top 10 Buck knives below!

Buck 110 Hunter 

Since its release in 1964, the Buck 110 hasn’t changed much, nor has it ever decreased in popularity. Today, they are found worldwide in the hands of soldiers, hunters, and workers alike. It was originally made as a folder tough enough to do the work most folders shy away from, and its rock-solid lockback and sturdy brass frame help the knife stand up to hard use. It’s a truly historic knife, and there’s room for one in every collection! 

  • 3.75” 420HC Blade  
  • Ebony Handle with Brass Bolsters 
  • 7.10 oz. 
  • Leather Sheath 
  • USA-Made

Buck 112 Ranger 

If you like the Buck 110, but you’re restricted from carrying a blade over 3” or you just like a smaller knife, the 112 is the knife for you. It’s built just every bit as tough and usable as its bigger brother, but smaller and lighter. If you’re looking for the perfect old-school everyday carry knife, it might just be the Buck 112! There are even a few models that have pocket clips and TORX hardware, too! 

  • 3” 420HC Blade 
  • Ebony Handle with Brass Bolsters 
  • 5.90 oz. 
  • Leather Sheath 
  • USA-Made

Buck 119 Special 

The 119 is one of the most iconic fixed blades of all time. In its century of existence, it’s been used on more camping trips, big-game hunts, and outdoor adventures than almost any other knife. Outdoorsmen love its simple design, needle-like point, deep belly for skinning, and sturdy construction for whatever other job it gets squeezed into. What makes this epic knife perfect is its sheath. Many fixed blade users worry about losing their knives in the backcountry. To solve this, the 119’s sheath not only covers the blade but has a snap closure that fully encloses the handle, so you’ll never lose it. 

  • 6” 420HC Blade 
  • Phenolic Resin Handle 
  • Leather Sheath 
  • 7.50 oz. 
  • USA-Made 

Buck 113 Ranger Skinner 

The job of skinning can be challenging if you don’t have the right knife. The right knife has a deep belly for slicing cuts, a thin profile to squeeze into tight folds, and a razor-sharp edge to get between subcutaneous tissues and that tasty meat. The 113 is the perfect knife for such a job. It’s not so long that it’s hard to control, and its hollow grind makes skinning, slicing, and other hunting tasks a breeze. It’s got the same old-but-gold feel as some of the other popular Buck knives, but its smaller size and more distinct drop point make it a unique and useful tool in a hunter’s kit! 

  • 3.125” 420HC Blade 
  • Ebony Handle with Brass Bolster 
  • Leather Sheath 
  • 4.75 oz. 
  • USA-Made 

Paklite Series 

With the right know-how and a Buck 110 in hand, you can break down just about any animal, but the job can get a lot easier if you have more than one knife. The only problem – knives are made of steel, and steel is heavy. The Paklite series limits the material used to just enough to make the knife strong and comfortable, and they come in all the shapes and sizes you need. If you carry all four of these knives, their total combined weight is 9.25 ounces – only 1.75 ounces more than a single Buck 110! 

  • CPM S35VN Blade 
  • OD Green Micarta Handle 
  • Polymer Sheath 
  • USA-Made


While Buck Knives has earned a reputation with their hunting knives, their popularity was born on the battlefield. Buck hasn’t forgotten that. The Deploy is evidence that Buck is capable of making a great knife for the modern soldier. It has a simple and clean design, oversized button and safety, and top-notch build quality that make it a dependable tool for whatever cutting jobs it encounters.  

  • 3” 154CM Blade  
  • Anodized Aluminum Handle
  • Push-Button Automatic Opener 
  • 4.25 oz. 
  • USA-Made 


If you’re in the market for an EDC knife, the Buck Sprint series might be the ticket. Its tuned detent, ball bearing pivot, and liner lock make it easy to open and close with only one hand. Not only does that mean it’s convenient for cutting jobs, but it means it’s addictively fidgety too. Combined with its USA-made quality and affordable price tag, these features make the Sprint an easy choice for an everyday carry knife! 

  • 420HC blade steel 
  • Glass-Filled Nylon Handle 
  • Liner Lock Mechanism 
  • Flipper Opener 
  • USA-made 


Buck is certainly known for its implementation of old-school knife tech, but the Onset is a true, modern EDC knife. It’s built tough like a Buck, but it’s outfitted with a steel frame lock, a G-10 show scale, a CPM S45VN blade, and a flipper opener with a bearing pivot. The Onset’s blade is fairly thin at only 0.11” thick, and combined with its full flat grind and gentle, sweeping edge, the Onset slices like a dream. It would perform well as a camp knife, a hunting knife, a simple EDC knife, and everything in between.   

  • CPM S45VN Blade Steel 
  • Black G-10 Handle 
  • Steel Frame Lock 
  • Flipper Opener 
  • USA-Made 

Pursuit Series 

It’s important to have the right knife for a big-game hunt. A bull moose can easily weigh over half a ton, which makes for many hours with a knife in your hand. If that knife is too heavy, can’t hold an edge, or has an uncomfortable handle, the difficult job gets even worse. The Pursuit series has grippy and ergonomic handles, quality steels with great edge retention, and lightweight construction that won’t tire you out on a big job. They come in large and small sizes, as folders and fixed blades, and some with gut hooks. Next time you’re after something big, bring a Pursuit along! You’ll thank us later!  

  • CPM S35VN Blade 
  • Rubberized Polymer Handle 
  • Nylon Sheath 
  • USA-Made 

Alpha Scout 

The Alpha Scout is one of the most handy little fixed blades you could ever carry. It’s so small and light that you’ll forget you’re carrying it, but when you need it, its clever design reveals that this little knife thinks it’s a big knife. It fills out the hand perfectly and makes the edge easy to put into action. Be it a hunt, a campout, or even a simple everyday carry, the Alpha Scout will quickly become one of your favorite fixed blades! 

  • CPM S35VN Blade 
  • Richlite Handle 
  • Leather Sheath 
  • 2.79 oz. 
  • Leather Sheath 

Why Buy a Buck Knife? 

Buck has over a century of history making top-quality knives right here in the United States of America. Each knife that rolls off their factory floor is built to be really used, not just sit in a safe. Buck Knives has accompanied numerous hunters to the field, soldiers to war, and tradesmen to work for decades. Their reputation, build quality, and impeccable warranty make Buck Knives an easy choice for anyone!