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Best Boker Knives

Best Boker Knives

From simple slip joint knives to snappy automatics, Boker is a brand known for its quality and history in the knife industry. Boker knives are known for being affordable, well made and great looking. Whether you prefer knives that are simple yet beautiful, or knives that are modern and complex, Boker has a great variety and a little something for any knife enthusiast. Read on to learn more about some of the Best Boker Knives of 2021.

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1. Boker Strike

Boker Strike Knife

This budget automatic tactical folder has the build quality and the action needed to perform during both high-risk situations and simple, everyday tasks. The Boker Strike features an ergonomically designed aluminum handle meant for optimal grip with gloved or bare hands. A robust coil spring gives this knife its swift, hard-hitting action. Finally, the Boker Strike features a safety slide to prevent accidental firing.

2. Boker Kalashnikov

Boker Kalashnikov Knife

Arguably the OG of budget automatic folding knives, the Boker Kalashnikov has been an everyday carry staple for years. Its simple design and wide array of color combos and designs makes it an easy choice for any knife enthusiast new or old. This knife is known for its reliable construction and bulletproof action. It’s a snappy auto that is easy to carry and handle. Few knives are that good for that price. The Kalashnikov will go down in history as a classic.

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3. Boker Kihon Auto

Boker Kihon Auto Knife

Inspired by the greatness of the Burnley Kihon, the Boker Kihon automatic is a fresh take on an original design. Its lightweight construction lends it to be an amazing automatic knife for everyday carry. Additionally, this knife features a snappy push button automatic action making it easy to open the knife quickly with one hand. Kihon’s textured aluminum handle provides great grip and control while using the knife.

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4. Boker Urban Trapper

Boker Urban Trapper Knife

The Brad Zinker designed Urban Trapper is beautifully designed. It was inspired by classic Trapper knives and meant to be a gentleman’s everyday carry knife. The slim build and high-quality materials give the Urban Trapper amazing pocket-ability that also feels great in hand. This knife features a sturdy titanium frame and wood handle that give it great looks. IKBS pivot bearings help the VG-10 blade float effortlessly when flipped opened.

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5. Boker Plus Balisong Trainer

Boker Plus Balisong Trainer

The Boker Plus Balisong Trainer offers a dull training blade for practicing the more difficult bali tricks. Stainless steel liners provide nice weight, and the red G-10 improves grip while adding a dramatic style. Further your flipping skills while saving money on band-aids with the Boker Plus Balisong Trainer.

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6. Boker LRF

Kansei Nori Knife

The Boker LRF is truly a gentleman’s knife in every way. It features premium construction, EDC-friendly materials, and an action that puts some very expensive folding knives to shame. Traditionally inspired design give the LRF class while its VG10 blade and stainless steel liners give it durability and strength. Overall, the Boker LRF is a knife worth picking up because it is simple, elegant, and useful.

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7. Boker USA OTF

Boker Knife

When it comes to Boker OTF knives one thing is certain; these knives are solid. The Boker USA OTF is swift, precise, and ready for whatever comes its way. It features a CNC milled aluminum handle which keeps things light but sturdy and a stout CPM-154CM blade built for durability and easy maintenance. This is one incredible OTF automatic knife and well worth checking out. Learn more by clicking below.

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8. Boker Kwaiken

Kwaiken Flipper Knife

In all its various forms, the Lucas Burnley designed Boker Kwaiken is an amazing knife to handle and own. Its Japanese inspired design is both beautiful and practical. Kwaiken features a grippy micarta handle, a durable Aus-8 blade, and a strong stainless-steel liner. When it comes to everyday carry knives, the Boker Kwaiken is a great size, is made of the right stuff and has all the right looks. This is a knife worth adding to your collection! Learn more by clicking below.

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9. Boker Barlow

Zinker FR Knife

The classic design and quality construction of the Boker Barlow have helped it gain popularity, and it remains one of the best slip joint knives to carry. Boker is known for sourcing unique materials when they build the Barlow; using everything from green canvas micarta to medieval castle wood. It’s available with a few different blade shapes and in a couple different sizes. Check it out by clicking below.

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Final Thoughts

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Boker’s rich history in the knife industry contributes greatly to the quality of the products they produce, and make Boker knives some of the best you can get. Boker has been at the forefront of knife design and construction. Their knives are known for being everything from simple and affordable to complex and valuable. Plus, they produce knives for anything and everything. Though not a comprehensive list, the knives above are a solid sample of what Boker has to offer.

While these are our top recommendations, Blade HQ has got way more knives than just the 9 featured here. Find the perfect piece and leave a review! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for all your knife updates.

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Still deciding which Boker knife deserves your love? Check out this recent episode of Knife Banter where Jamie sits down with Boker Germany CEO, Karsten to discuss their new line-up for 2021!

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