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Best Benchmade Automatic Knives

Best Benchmade Automatic Knives

For years, Benchmade has set the standards for knife quality, design and construction. Their knives are battle tested, built to last and ready for a lifetime of service. Though their product offerings tend to revolve around their manual folding, butterfly and fixed blade knives, some of their best knives are actually their automatic knives. In this Best Knives, we look at Benchmade’s Top 7 Automatic knives including push button autos and OTFs. Read on to learn more.

In addition to an overview of the specs and details of each knife, I’ll also be featuring a review of each knife left by one of our customers.

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1. Benchmade Infidel

Benchmade Infidel Automatic Knife, Best Benchmade Automatic Knives

Few knives are as well known as the Benchmade Infidel. Its reputation for being a badass OTF comes from its use in tactical applications. This knife features an outstanding double action and comes standard with a double edged D2 spear point blade. The blade is deployed and retracted by actuating a generous thumb slide which features large ‘steps’ for added grip and dexterity. The Benchmade Infidel is available in several variants including a 2020 limited edition version with a blue anodized aluminum handle, upgraded, DLC coated CPM-S30V blade.

  • Overall Length: 8.91”
  • Blade Length: 3.91”
  • Blade Material: D2
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 4.90 oz.
  • Country of Origin: USA
Benchmade Infidel Average Star Review

Louis G. says…

“The knife I received arrived in a factory sealed box and was absolutely perfect. I carry one just like this one on a daily basis and I wanted to have second one in perfect condition for my collection. I prefer this knife to side-opening knives because it is easier to open under stress, it doesn’t open accidentally in your pocket, and it’s easier to keep clean and lubricated.”

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2. Benchmade Autocrat

Benchmade Autocrat Knife, Best Benchmade Automatic Knives

The Benchmade Autocrat is a unique addition to Benchmade’s automatic knife lineup. It was introduced as their first OTF automatic knife to feature a G-10 handle. The Autocrat is marketed as a high-performance everyday carry OTF and features a DLC coated, CPM-S30V blade, and blue sapphire titanium coated hardware. This knife features a reversible deep-carry pocket clip and comes in a few different variants. Check it out by clicking below.

  • Overall Length: 8.75”
  • Blade Length: 3.71”
  • Blade Material: CPM-S30V
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Weight: 3.93 oz.
  • Country of Origin: USA
Benchmade Autocrat Average Star Review

Perry S. says…

“Went in big for my first OTF, and I gotta say that I’m super pleased with it. I got this guy back in December so I’ve had some time with it to give my opinion on it. Benchmade really hit it out of the park with this knife. I love the contoured G10 in my hand and the smooth surface is easy on pant pockets. The double-edged blade isn’t the most EDC friendly, but man does it slice well. All-around great looks and it’s built well!”

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3. Benchmade 9400

Benchmade 9400 Knife, Best Benchmade Automatic Knives

The Benchmade 9400 is based on the iconic Benchmade Osborne 940 featuring the same incredible ergonomics and performance but with a push-button automatic action. The 9400 features a razor sharp CPM-S30V blade that’s precision ground for efficient cutting and slicing. The knife’s handle is beautiful with its green anodization and matte finish and provides ample grip for regular cutting tasks. The 9400, like its manual counterpart features a purple titanium backspacer, and a reversible pocket clip. Finally, the knife comes with a satin finished or black coated blade. Click below to get yours today.

  • Overall Length: 7.87”
  • Blade Length: 3.40”
  • Blade Material: CPM-S30V
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 2.65 oz.
  • Country of Origin: USA
Benchmade 9400 Knife Average Star Review

Robert R. says…

“I’m very pleased with my new Benchmade Osborne 9400 auto. The blade centering, fit, and finish are all spot-on, and the knife was razor sharp out of the box. The push button is firm and secure and blade deployment is extremely snappy. The 9400 is virtually identical in size and shape with my two Benchmade Osborne 940s which have been my main EDC knives for years. The new 9400 will become a mainstay, along with the 940s, of my EDC rotation”

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4. Benchmade Mediator

Benchmade Mediator Knife, Best Benchmade Automatic Knives

Built to blend strength and lightweight construction, the Benchmade Mediator automatic knife gives knife users another solid everyday carry option. This knife features a milled G-10 handle with a durable CPM-S90V blade giving the knife both excellent feel and performance. Its push-button automatic action is lightning fast and features a slide lock for added security against accidental firing. Mediator comes standard with a reversible pocket clip and, like all other Benchmade knives, the Benchmade LifeSharp warranty.

  • Overall Length: 7.75”
  • Blade Length: 3.30”
  • Blade Material: CPM-S90V
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Weight: 2.89 oz.
  • Country of Origin: USA
Benchmade Mediator Average Star Review, Best Benchmade Automatic Knives

Johnathan J. says…

“Very Impressed. Zero play in the action at all degrees of open. Lock is easy to operate and gives you an audible click when moved in the on or off position. Handle only flexes when i put an unreasonable amount of pressure on it. I dont have the biggest hands, but the handle fits well in my hand and is comfortable.”

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6. Benchmade Casbah

Benchmade Casbah Knife, Best Benchmade Automatic Knives

The Benchmade Casbah has been a Benchmade auto staple for seemingly an eternity. The knife’s utilitarian design and consistent performance have made it the go-to automatic folding knife for military personnel, LEOs and the like. The Casbah features a textured grivroy handle meant for optimum grip while wearing gloves or bear handed, and a beefy blade for the toughest of cutting tasks. Fast deployment and great ergonomics make the Benchmade Casbah a great addition to any collection.

  • Overall Length: 7.80”
  • Blade Length: 3.40”
  • Blade Material: CPM-S30V
  • Handle Material: Grivory
  • Weight: 3.43 oz.
  • Country of Origin: USA
Benchmade Casbah Average Star Review, Best Benchmade Folding Knives

Clarence S. says…

“I’ve carried this knife everyday for almost 3 years and put it thru it’s paces. The blade always comes back sharp and hasn’t lost any shape. The action is as crisp as the day I unboxed it. I’m never without it. Soo much knife and at such a great value! ”

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7. Benchmade CLA

Benchmade CLA Knife, Best Benchmade Automatic Knives

Our last knife on this list of Best Benchmade Automatic Knives is the Benchmade CLA. Short for Composite Lite Auto, the CLA is a quick deploying automatic knife made for everyday carry and tactical use. Its simple design makes it comfortable and easy to handle during any situation. The CLA features a contoured G-10 handle offering both great strength and ergonomics and a slicey 154CM blade designed for hard use and easy maintenance. The CLA is the knife of choice for people who get stuff done. If you’re after a high-quality, reliable automatic knife, look no further.

  • Overall Length: 7.85”
  • Blade Length: 3.40”
  • Blade Material: 154CM
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Weight: 3.47 oz.
  • Country of Origin: USA
Benchmade CLA Average Star Review, Best Benchmade Automatic Knives

Timothy L. says…

“Feels nice and tactical. Great color scheme. Handle feels and looks like carbon. Super smooth and quick blade release with some kick to it. Both sides of the handle have spots for a pocket clip. 1 side has a 2-hole spot for pocket clip and other has 3-hole spot for pocket clip. Good grip. Very sharp out of the box. Comes with great packaging and a case that looks like a case for sun glasses. Easy to clean and has a nice safety button.”

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Final Thoughts

Best Benchmade Automatic Knives

Benchmade’s selection of automatic knives is continually growing. These knives are purpose built and ready for whatever life has to throw at them. They are made from high-end materials and to a standard demanded by military and law enforcement personnel the world over. For more great Benchmade Automatic Knives, click the button below. Thanks for reading! We’ll catch you next time!

Now you’ve got all our recommendations, but Blade HQ has got way more knives than those featured here. Give our wares a browse, and find the perfect knife to suit your needs!

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