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Best American-Made Knives in 2024


As the world grows increasingly more connected and complicated, numerous industries are outsourcing their manufacturing to other countries. For some it is more economical, for others it offers higher quality, but for whatever reason, more and more products are being made overseas. But not with knives. America still produces the best of the best.

So if you’re looking for a top-quality knife, or if you just like to support the Home Team, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best American-Made Knives!

Best for Everyday Carry: Benchmade Bugout

If you’re just after a simple folder that you can carry everyday without any trouble, it’s hard to beat the Bugout. This knife offers a generous 3.25” blade and while tipping the scales at less than two ounces. But a great knife needs more than just good sizing! The Bugout’s blade is made of premium CPM S30V steel and locks open with Benchmade’s signature AXIS Lock. The Bugout sets the bar of what an EDC knife can be, and its has been endlessly imitated. The Bugout comes in several colors, and even some premium variants with different blade steels and handle materials, so you’re sure to find one you like!

Best High-End: Spartan Harsey

Designed by knifemaking legend Bill Harsey, the aptly named Spartan Harsey features all of the most premium accouterments one could want out of a knife. Its handle is made of precision-milled titanium and contoured to ergonomic perfection. Its CPM S45VN blade offers a healthy balance of toughness and wear resistance, so it can tolerate some real use. It may be pricey, and it may be dressed up all fancy, but the Harsey is no high-maintenance debutante. This knife means business.

There is a world of high-end American-made knives out there. We chose the Harsey because it’s consistently available, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about Chris Reeve Knives. The Sebenza is the original grail knife, but it sells out fast!

Best Auto: Pro-Tech Godson


I put the Godson here, but just about any Pro-Tech could take its place. A small, elite team of knifemakers in California carefully crafts each one. When you hold a Pro-Tech, you can see and feel the attention to detail that went into it. The Godson is one of the flagship models, and it takes design cues from the classic Italian Stiletto, but instead of using the dated materials and mechanisms, this one shows off the power of American ingenuity!

Best OTF: Microtech Ultratech

If you want an OTF in your life, it’s going to be hard to find one made outside of the United States. And even if you did, it would have to be something special to beat the Ultratech. This knife set the gold standard for what an OTF could be over 20 years ago, and it’s still going strong today. Its dependable double-action is both fidgety and convenient, making it a great EDC/tactical crossover. Best of all, the Ultratech comes in literally hundreds of variations, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect Ultratech for you.

Best Folder: Kershaw Bel-Air


The Bel-Air‘s 2024 announcement made some waves. In typical Kershaw fashion, this little folder offers stellar performance and quality materials for significantly less than many competitive options. The crowning feature of this knife is its CPM MagnaCut blade. That steel is prized for its game-changing properties, and coupled with a Cerakote-finished aluminum handle, this knife feels far more premium than its price would suggest.

Best Fixed Blade: Bradford Guardian3.2


Years ago, Bradford Larkin designed the Guardian3 as an EDC-capable fixed blade that could be carried horizontally on the belt. It’s perfect for that application and comes out-of-the-box with a rad leather sheath. But in 2023, Brad’s wife Nicole had the idea to add a guard and a sharpening choil, and the Guardian3.2 was born. This made the knife a little bit safer in the hand and enticed more and more people to carry it. I love it when knife companies iterate and improve, and I especially love it when they keep their commitment to quality USA manufacturing!

Best for Hunters: Buck 110


For the better part of a century, the Buck 110 has been a universal favorite for hunters. It’s compact enough to slip into a pocket, big enough to skin large animals, and rugged enough to crack a deer sternum. Over the years this blade has been offered in some premium variants as well, but the original continues to be a favorite of hunters all over the world. It’s a quality knife, backed by an incredible warranty, and is still 100% American-made! No list of American-made knives is complete without this legend!

Best for Campers: ESEE 4


I’m still wondering how ESEE manages to cram so much value into the ESEE 4 for the price they charge. For about $130, they offer a masterfully heat-treated 1095 blade, a 3D milled contoured handle, a snap-fit polymer sheath, and an unmatched, best-in-class warranty, all made in the USA. It’s incredible! Whether you’re a survivalist, bushcrafter, camper, hunter, or whatever, an ESEE 4 will be a capable companion.

Best for Operators: Gerber Strongarm


Sometimes people overdesign tactical knives. If you don’t believe me, just go look at Russian ballistic knives from the late 1900’s. The Strongarm simplifies the tactical knife into something much more versatile. Its thick drop point blade excels as a general-purpose outdoor knife, its rubberized handle provides a secure grip even when gloved or wet, and its sheath comes ready for numerous attachment options from the factory. It will do everything an operator needs, but it keeps it simple!

Best All-Around: Spyderco Paramilitary 2


Not too many companies out there have as much passion for their product as Spyderco does. Spyderco functions almost as much as a research organization as a knife company. Their attention to detail and commitment to Constant Quality Improvement is admirable, and nowhere more evident than on the Paramilitary 2. Everything from the distal tapered needle-like point to the monolithic lanyard tube at the pommel has been thought out to the highest degree. The PM2 is a staple of the knife world and one of the best American-made knives out there!

Why Buy an American-Made Knife?

Knifemakers worldwide make quality tools. I own and love many foreign-made knives. In fact, I have an Italian-made knife in my pocket right now. But from where I stand at Blade HQ, I can see how the United States is carrying the banner and leading the knife industry into the future. So whether you’re just a casual knife shopper or you’re a die-hard patriot, I would urge you to give American-made knives a try. They truly are some of the best.