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6 Reasons to Buy Toor Knives

A good knife is one of the most important tools you can have. A quality knife can last for generations and is well worth the initial investment. Knowing what knives will stand the test of time can be hard. Fortunately, you can trust the reputation of Toor Knives. Here are six reasons to consider a Toor for your next knife!

1. Toor Knives Are Made of Crucible Steel

Toor uses only premium Crucible Particle Metallurgy (or CPM) steels. Each CPM steel used in Toor Knives will provide you with a superior-strength blade and a low-maintenance, long-lasting edge. While Toor Knives may cost a bit more than some other knives, they make up for it in quality and performance.

2. Toor Uses State-of-the-Art Heat Treatment

Toor uses a multi-step thermal diffusion heat-treatment process. This gets every bit of performance out of their premium steel and relieves the blades of any internal stress. Not only does this guarantee a top-shelf product, but also decades of dependable use. This combination of best-in-class steel and craftsmanship makes for an heirloom-grade product you can hand down for generations!

3. Toor Knives Are Guaranteed For Life

Toor Knives offers a lifetime warranty. When you purchase a Toor Knife, you can rest assured that you’re getting a knife that will likely outlast you. If you want to purchase a knife that you can proudly pass down to your posterity, consider a Toor. These knives are guaranteed for life against all manufacturing defects. A warranty like this is lets you use your knife with confidence without having to baby it.

4. Toor Knives is Veteran-Owned

Connor Toor, a United States Marine, got frustrated with cheap, mass-produced knives failing him and his teammates. Instead of complaining, he started making knives for his team. Now he doesn’t just help military folks out with quality knives, but he employs mostly veterans. The Toor team is active in the community and supports active-duty military members, veterans, and their families.

5. Toor Knives Are USA-Made

These days, a lot of knife companies are making knives overseas, which can complicate the quality assurance process. Many knife enthusiasts value strict quality assurance standards and fair worker treatment, and USA manufacturing provides it. Toor proudly makes knives in the United States with rigorous manufacturing standards. These safeguards give buyers maximum confidence in the quality and consistency of the knives they buy.

6. Toor Manufactures Knives Sustainably

The goal of California-based Toor Knives is to create the first 0% landfill footprint knife manufacturing facility. Through innovation, the respected knife company has revamped the manufacturing process to make it as eco-friendly as possible. By reusing scrap and recycling what can’t be reused, the company minimizes waste and protects the environment.

Local wood used in Toor Knife handles comes from Forest Stewardship Council-certified trees. This nonprofit organization aims to protect forests with sustainable logging and responsible management. For exotic woods, Toor Knives also partners with Taylor Guitars to source ebony from a responsible trade mill in Cameroon.

Order Your Toor Knife Today!

Why waste your money on cheap, disposable knives? Invest in a quality knife, and it will return dividends in the future. Whether you’re after a pocket knife, a fixed blade, or something tactical, Blade HQ has the Toor knife for you. In addition, we carry a wide variety of high-quality knives in different brands. Check out our selection, and contact us if you have any questions about our inventory. We look forward to hearing from you and answering all of your questions so you can find the perfect knife for your needs.